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How The Electronic Health Records Make Work Easier


The electronic health records are where the records of the patients are recorded on a computer rather than the old manual ways of writing on papers to file them. This method of keeping records of patients has made work and life of people more comfortable.


It has made it easy for doctors since they can access your treatment and information on the computer by just performing some several clicks. They will familiarize with your past problems in a faster way and use the information to deliver the treatment service. For example, most of the times, patients cannot undergo surgery when their blood pressure is high. Thus the surgeon can use the record on a computer to know the history of the blood pressure such that if it is a problem, it will be regulated. The computer has a search box where you can search what you need in a patients file. The search takes a few seconds, which makes it easier to determine the prior blood pressure rather than checking their blood pressure from each visit manually.


It has made it easy for the doctors and patients. Most of the time in old days whenever you were sent for laboratory checkups and even the scan and x-rays, you could not take the results back unless a nurse brings them back to the doctor or sends them to the doctor. Currently, it doesn't matter where you were directed for the tests the doctor will receive the results directly to the computer. If it is the same hospital, the doctor examining you fills in the data in your file thus after you are through with the processes you just walk back to the doctor who sent you. The doctor will have the results ready and not wait till a nurse brings them. It saves time, and it reduces the work done by the nurse walking around with outcomes, check it out!


It helps the researchers to do research using a lot of information at http://medinformatix.com/solutions.html#EE such that they will be able to develop a medicine easier than having to work with the documented files of many patients. Whenever a cure is developed faster than the expected time it helps to save some people who would have lost their lives.


It helps to keep the record of who accessed the information of a particular patient, and at what time since most of the time, the physicians have a password to access the computer. Even if the data has been altered, it will help people to know who changed the information. Hence, it ensures the accuracy of the report of the patient.


To know more about the advantages of Electronic Health Records, visit http://www.ehow.com/facts_6174214_paper-vs_-electronic-medical-records.html.